1. sweet stuff man. don’t pretend to understand most of it. want to.
    please explain to retards how to go about getting some bitty bitty of their own. that would be cool.
    So is it the same now? did you like buy in cheap i.e like at 35$ and now you live off the freeness of it- and like the stock market can i only buy some at a 1000$- you didn’t really explain to me how, or why i would do it.

    I like the connections to wiki-leaks which i know a shit-tonne about, but I’m still super duper confused how bit-coin works or if it is still working or like everything else its going the way of piratebay- which incidentally keeps fucking up my computer.

    is bit coin easy to use?

    I think it would be neat if you can be specific, for us eegits who like drugs- your personal story.

    I thnkin thats the strongest part so far, your personal spin- which reminds me of hakim bey and your trips is neat.

    Also, you were always good at designing websites, which is the big impressive thing here.

    My personal interest is I’m taking a librarian phd next year and i want to understand this all because i think there would be big potential on thesis and personal learning about computers- (librarians need to be computer geeks now) and how currencies like bit-coin could make changes to the information world- which i would like to elaborate further than fifth estate diatribes about how great julian assange was.

    • Yea I wanted to focus on my personal spin and experiences (but not so personal to freak people out or alienate them) since their are shitloads of stories on how Bitcoin works already.

      Does Bitcoin still work and is it easy to use? More than ever. More and more infrastructure is steadily being built. For example, I pay for all my wordpress upgrades and domain names with Bitcoin. It works just as well as it did when it was launched 6 years ago. Only difference is now there are a bunch of vendors who accept Bitcoin so it is more practical. I think the price is about $400 right now.

      To learn about Bitcoin, watch The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, it’s the best film on the subject as far as I can tell. To understand how Bitcoin really works, watch a YouTube video called Bitcoin Under the Hood and read Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper which precisely explains his/her/their intention with Bitcoin. For additional info on the significance of Bitcoin, watch as many Andreas Antonopoulos lectures and interviews as you can.

      To learn the history of the movement behind Bitcoin, Wikileaks, and the Crypto Anarchy movement in general, read Andy Greenberg’s This Machine Kills Secrets. It’s a really great book.

      Bitcoin seems like a complicated mess until you actually download a wallet app on your phone, go to a Bitcoin ATM (there’s one in Toronto), and buy some Bitcoins. Once you actually begin doing transactions, the simplicity begins to shine.

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